Fundamentally, the reality we live in is a collection of numbers and values. Certain patterns can be seen all around us that repeat and coincide with certain developments. By studying these patterns and applying the scientific method, we can use the innate power of numbers to our advantage and better understand the world around us.

In vedic numerology, the number one gives off the energies of

With all of these characteristics, the number one gives the individual the ability to be self-sufficient and accomplish their goals on their own. If your life path number is one, you will see incredible determination and drive in your actions. You will have the power to innovate and capitalize on any opportunities that arise. However, one must be cautious as this may lead to an inability to compromise in situations. A life path number of one is largely self-fulfilled, but thrives alongside those who follow the life path of three or five.

Career wise the number one is a natural leader and innovator; excellent in management levels.
People born on these dates generally go for high status in Government where there is power and authority.
In regards to business, shining metals like gold and diamond would be good.

Ideal Careers are:




Retail Business Owner
Sales Manager


Small Business Owner

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