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Weekly Horoscope

August 2 - August 8


You will find yourself thinking a great deal about how much things have changed. This is because you are granted a heightened sense of self-awareness this week. As you look back on how you made it to where you are, reflect on how your brain processed the obstacles that came in your way. Bringing your habits to the forefront of your mind will allow you to decide which make you strong and which you should start working on.


Complacency is your greatest enemy this week. You will find that you are beginning to get into a groove of things, however life has so much more in store for you. You will be granted resilience this week to ensure that obstacles will not stop your visions from becoming reality. Ensure you have a vision and know what it really is that you want from this life.


There are people around you who genuinely care for you and want to see you grow. Whether or not you are able to discern these people from those who simply have their own agenda will be crucial in shaping the events of your future. You will have the strength to make the difficult choice of distancing yourself from those who do not want to see your success. At the same time, you will see your relationships with those who are meant to be with you flourish.


You will find that many assumptions you have made about people around you are not as true as you may have thought. The human brain is so incredibly complex that completely understanding someone, let alone yourself, is a near impossible task. Finding new sides to people and understanding the experiences that have made them who they are will serve to change your view on life in general. Be thankful for this new perspective and keep it in mind when moving forward.


You want to do so much, but it feels the world is stopping you. However, this is the complete opposite of the truth. Now is a time where you will be able to do things you have never done, instead of the things you've done before that you already know that you enjoy. If you take the time to go out of your way to learn something new, you will find this skill will be unexpectedly beneficial in the future.


You will feel your passions and desires encourage and inspire you this week. However, inspiration tends to fizzle out when you realize the many steps you must take to convert those passions into reality. Your success will be dictated by how well you are able to fend off the many distractions that keep you from your goals. You will find that your visions will take new shapes the closer you get to them.


The time for reflecting over the past and pondering about the future should be put on halt this week. Now is when to bring all of your attention to the present moment. There is much to be done right in front of you that you may have been missing. You will find that the people around you will greatly benefit from you being present.


You will realize that your family will need you as a source of support. While tensions can become high, it is crucial that you keep a level head as you have the potential to provide the comfort they are looking for. This is a great chance to strengthen bonds and to have your family gain respect for you. By lifting those around you, you will find that you are gaining the strength to be able to pull yourself up as well.


You will find that many of the answers you seek have been right in front of you all along. Sometimes, your vision can become fuzzy when your mind is somewhere else. Taking this week to really focus on seemingly irrelevant, mundane things will open your eyes to how much goes on around you without you noticing. Everything you need is with you, you must open your eyes and see clearly.


It is time to deal with the problem of attachment. You have realized that there are certain things that you wish you were not so dependent on. This week, you will be given the strength to start the process of detaching yourself. If you wholeheartedly commit yourself to working on these issues, you will find yourself much happier in the near future.


You will feel yourself overflowing with plans with the realization that you can not act on many of them right now. As your creative mind will be enhanced this week, keep making plans in your head, but try and scale them down enough so that you can act on them. You will find that many times, your initial idea is something worth following, but your vision may be too grand. Focus on the feelings behind your desires and find new ways to manifest them into reality.


As others act in ways that make no sense to you, you may find that you are wrongfully attributing their behaviors to something that you have done. It is crucial to understand that everyone has their own experiences, and that many times, people's temperaments do not have anything to do with your actions. Take the time to ensure that you yourself may not be accidentally making others feel the way you feel due to things going on in your life. Your presence will actually be something that will come to ease the stress of those around you.