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Weekly Horoscope

June 16 - June 22


You find yourself having to justify your actions. Sometimes, this can be a sign that you don't truly believe that you are in the right. Make sure you take extra time and consideration when analyzing your thoughts. Seek the help of someone you think to be less experienced; they may surprise you.


You may be tempted to go against your morals soon. You will face opportunities in which you can take the easy way out. Stay firm in your beliefs and it will serve to reward you in the future.


Your desire to seek for more will flare. You must ensure that opportunities that arise are actually viable. Take this time to slow down appreciate all that you already have.


You are beginning to oversimplify things in your head. Spend an extra second observing the intricacies of the situations of those around you. Once you have done this, your help will be pivotal to them.


This is a time where you need to put your complete faith in others. If you extinguish the doubts from your mind and fully trust those close you to you, they will not let you down.


The path in front of you is slowly beginning to clear. It is a critical time to get set and focus all of your effort into it. Any deviations will be disastrous. All work put in now will lead to great rewards.


Your relationships will soon require fortification. Those around you may feel reserved and not tell you their complete feelings. You must display extra compassion when interacting.


Cool your emotions. Acting out in a fit of passion may serve to hinder you. Take deep breaths and allow yourself the time to come to proper conclusions.


Your directness will be key when dealing with your personal relationships. Do not shy away from voicing your unfiltered thoughts to others. Your honestly will be respected and you will begin to see change for the better.


You have been pushing yourself to great lengths. It is important not to go to unpractical lengths. You must put great focus on sleep and nutrition in order to get through the coming weeks.


Your curiosity will prove to have very skewed results this week. You will learn many things, but you also risk going too far and harming your personal relationships. When curiosity about the world is concerned, don't hold back. However, you should show restraint when wanting to satiate your curiosity about those around you.


People from your past may make appearances in your present. Use this week to repair any damaged relationships you may have had. Your pride will serve as a great obstacle.