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Weekly Horoscope

October 17 - October 23


Try to evolve your views on certain issues. Start putting yourself in other's shoes and try to force yourself to see things differently. Learning why others think the way they do will help you move forward in your own goals.


Try to show more passion in what you are doing. This will be sensed by your colleagues and will serve to bring up the moral of all those around you. This will be very necessary in ensuring that you do not fall behind.


Try to rekindle relationships that you feel are slowly beginning to fade away. This extra effort will help make them as strong as they have ever been. They will also be important contributors for what is to come.


Try to experience things you never have before. They will serve to support your growth and may even help you optimize fulfilling your day to day responsibilities.


Try being extra sensitive to those around you. Whenever someone frustrates you and acts in ways you don't understand, try reacting in a friendlier way. You will see them begin to frustrate you less and less.


Keep trying to get out of your comfort zone. You may feel that you are falling into a pattern. While this is ok, your environment will soon begin to drastically change and you will need to be prepared to change with it.


Try to gather as much knowledge as you can this week. Really focus on broadening your horizons. Educate yourself on topics that you may not care about or seem pointless to you. It may give you a new way of approaching the things you do care about.


Dig deep within yourself for some extra energy because those around you will be in great need of enthusiasm and support coming from you. When your turn comes around, they will be more than happy to reciprocate your efforts.


Focus on your physical health this week. You may not be doing all you can to ensure that your body is running smoothly. Bad habits can start small, but slowly go out of control.


You may feel your head begin to tread among the clouds. While this can be a good thing, it will be important for you to ground yourself in the coming times. There are many things going on that will require your attention.


Take this week to hone your skills. You will soon be unexpectedly tested on how far you've come. Make sure that you do not meet conflict unprepared.


Those younger than you will be in great need of your support. Although they will not ask for it upright and may even reject you, you must throw away your pride and do anything you can for them.