At the time of your birth, the star constellation in which your moon is placed in your birth chart, and the degrees in which it is placed, determine which Dasha will be occurring in your life. Each planet has different cycles for the stages of life and they are called Mahadashas. The word “Maha” means great. The word “Dasha” means a stage in life.

The Sun Mahadasha lasts six years in total. During this time, one’s identity truly begins to form and independence is gained. If the Sun is properly placed, one’s soul will feel powerful. One will travel, be promoted, see financial gain, have a positive relationship with the government, and see great benefit from a father figure. If the Sun poorly placed, one will feel a decline in willpower. Physical and mental health will decline, status will decrease, there will be great displeasure of politics, and a father figure may face poor health or pass away. 

The Chandra Mahadasha lasts about 10 years in total. This is a time period in which one will begin to focus on increasing their knowledge and developing their mind. Favorable placement of the Moon will bring good health to one’s mother, many intellectually stimulating experiences, acknowledgement of the truth, faith in authority, and an overall increase in wisdom and ability. Unfavorable placement will stump one’s intellectual growth, bring poor health to one’s mother, keep one in a state of delusion, and hinder one’s faith in authority. 

The Jupiter Mahadasha lasts about 16 years in total. Coming after one of the most difficult dashas, Rahu, Jupiter is a breath of fresh air. Jupiter tends to give individuals things that most people strive for. A positive placement will give a great education, spouse, job, income, and overall prosperity. A less favorable placement will still bring the benefits or Jupiter, however it will not be as pronounced and will not come in a timely manner. It will bring satisfaction, but only somewhat. An unfavorable placement tends to create a period of learning for the individual, so with Jupiter, there is always something to be gained.

Next week we will continue learning about the different Dashas. Remember, the Mahadasha you are currently in can be calculated by analyzing the positions of the stars and planets at various moments of your life. Knowing which stage you are in and if the respective astrological entity is positioned properly can be critical in ensuring a smooth life. Book an appointment today to learn more.