Your Vedic Birth Chart can tell you many things about the path ahead in life and the obstacles, achievements and solutions you may face. It is also possible to tell if someone will travel away from their native home for a variety of reasons; if they are destined to live home or in another city or country; or if there will be difficulties or obstacles in traveling.

Your ascendant, the placement of planets in particular houses and the combination of either favorable strengthening planets and unfriendly weakening planets can all deliver different outcomes of travel in one’s life.

If the presence of a strengthening planet in a certain combination of houses is favorable one can experience ease of travel, change in fortune from relocation or ability to experience life events from moving away.

The purpose of travel, the settling of homes, or the overall flow of life can all be affected if the synergy of your birth chart, houses, planets, ascendant and your location is not aligned. If the presence of a weakening planet in a certain combination of house is unfavorable some might experience difficulties in travel, misfortunes if relocating or inability to leave your native home.

There are always solutions to combat hurdles while traveling and there is always guidance to where and when you will travel in life. An in depth review is required in order to determine what is destined for you when it comes to traveling. You can order your Vedic Birth Chart online and book an appointment to learn more about your wanderings.