Fundamentally, the reality we live in is a collection of numbers and values. Certain patterns can be seen all around us that repeat and coincide with certain developments. By studying these patterns and applying the scientific method, we can use the innate power of numbers to our advantage and better understand the world around us.

In vedic numerology, five is a very outgoing number. It gives off energies of:

-Spiritual Connection

The number five is a very spiritual number. The five pillars of islam, the five moral precepts of Buddhism, five fingers and five toes to traverse and change the world all illustrate the inherent nature of five. If one has a life path of five, one can expect a trail jam-packed with events and experiences. The goal of non-attachment and constant change is very resonant with five’s vibrations. A life path of five is compatible with many others, especially one, three, five, six, and seven.

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