Fundamentally, the reality we live in is a collection of numbers and values. Certain patterns can be seen all around us that repeat and coincide with certain developments. By studying these patterns and applying the scientific method, we can use the innate power of numbers to our advantage and better understand the world around us.

In vedic numerology, four is a very stable number. It resonates with energies of


The number four can be thought of as a very functional value. A table will often have four legs to keep it stable, grids and maps with often be split into four quadrants to better organize the points, squares and rectangles are often used as simple, practical shapes in design, and many more instances illustrating the number four can be seen around us. If one has the life path of four, one can expect a path full of hard work and content. Having a life path of four will mean you will prefer to stick to what you know works and brings reliable results. The negatives of this are that sometimes, you may find it difficult to adapt when life throws unexpected situations your way. A life path of four is best compatible with those who follow life paths one and eight.

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