The 12 houses of vedic astrology set the foundation for your life. The position of astrological bodies within these houses dictate what kinds of energies and forces act on the various aspects that make up your life and your very being. There is an inherent relationship between the energy of the signs, their correlation to the different houses, and the influence of the planets on the interconnected energies and relationships between houses, planets, and rashis.

The ninth house is ruled by Sagittarius and is named Dharma Bhava.

The ninth house represents your life philosophy. Your faith, morals, political views, and overall outlook on life are all dictated by this house. This house also represents a father figure. Your relationship with this person and the impact they have on the way you view the world around you will all be affected by the entity in this house. This house plays an incredible role in influencing all other actions as one’s life philosophy tends to be at the forefront of why they do the things they do and act in the ways that they act.

The positions of the planets can be calculated to determine how your individual houses are filled. Knowing your specific chart is crucial in ensuring that you can proceed through a balanced, harmonious life. Book an appointment today to get an in depth reading and consultation and to learn more.