Firstly, what is a Mahadasha? The word “Maha” means great. The word “Dasha” means a stage in life. The Budha Mahadasha refers to the stage in one’s life that will be dictated by the planet Mercury.

Mercury is a very beneficial astrological entity. It dictates aspects such as:

- Wisdom
- Human Interaction
- Relaxation
- Creativity
- Practicality

The Budha Mahadasha lasts about 17 years in total. In general, it is a more optimistic time in one’s life. It is a period that greatly focuses on one’s impact on those around them. The self-growth seen from Saturn is now put to the test; networking and communication skills are at the forefront of this dasha. A favorable placement of Mercury will bring great charm to one’s personality, the ability to persuade others, the ability to achieve one’s goals with less effort, and the ability to make practical decisions. An unfavorable placement will cloud one’s judgement and diminish their ability to interact with others in a way that is beneficial to all parties.

The Mahadasha you are currently in can be calculated by analyzing the positions of the stars and planets at various moments of your life. Knowing which stage you are in and if the respective astrological entity is positioned properly can be critical in ensuring a smooth life.