Firstly, what is a Mahadasha? The word “Maha” means great. The word “Dasha” means a stage in life. So, the Shani Mahadasha refers to the stage in one’s life that will be dictated by the planet saturn.

While the aspects that Saturn dictates can seem dark, in reality, these are the things that keep one grounded and add structure to life. These include:

- Fear
- Limitations
- Authority
- Discipline
- Responsibility

The Shani Mahadasha lasts about 15 years in total. In general, it is a time period where one will start to become more aware of their surroundings and gain a maturity that only experience can bring. Great changes in the mind and spirit occur as you collect all of your life’s events into your sense of being. In this time, one gains the opportunity to work through much their karma, with the goal of achieving balance by the time the next and final dasha, mercury, comes around. Favorable placement of saturn will bring peace to one’s mind, content for one’s position, and a greater understanding of one’s reality. An ill placed saturn would bring disarray in one’s thoughts, identity crises, and an ignorance for one’s surroundings. Regardless of placement, this is a time where the justice of the universe will be unleashed. Whether this is a positive or negative thing relies on the individual’s karma.

The Mahadasha you are currently in can be calculated by analyzing the positions of the stars and planets at various moments of your life. Knowing which stage you are in and if the respective astrological entity is positioned properly can be critical in ensuring a smooth life.