The Sun and the Moon both play vital roles into shaping one’s personality traits and personal relationships. However, there is also a third sign called the Ascendant sign that also plays a critical role in shaping one’s self. These three signs all dictate different parts of one’s personality. The Sun changes signs every 28-32 days, depending on the specific change that is taking place. The Moon changes signs every two and a half days. The Ascendant sign changes every two hours. By combining all three, a unique, specialized chart can be created that can model the different elements of one’s character.

The Sun Sign is the most well-known sign. The energy it brings is more conscious and aware than that of the moon and ascendant signs. It describes your public self. With information about the sun’s placement, you can forecast the surface level traits and conflicts one may possess. However, to paint a more complete picture, information of one’s moon sign and ascendant sign must be known.

The Moon Sign describes your personality on a deeper level. This will illustrate your traits and conflicts when you are most comfortable and don’t have to put up a front for anyone. Your Moon Sign shows your inner self and can model subconscious thoughts and drives. This sign can even be in conflict with your sun sign, which models the complexity and uniqueness of every individual person.

The Ascendant Sign, also referred to as the Rising Sign, models your disposition and your attitude to the world around you. Information regarding your Rising Sign can be incredibly useful in predicting your current circumstance and near future.

While each sign gives useful information in its own right, it is crucial to have the brush, the paint, and the canvas to create the most accurate picture possible.