Kaal Sarp Dosh is regarded as a nefarious astrological occurrence where the 7 planets align between Rahu and Ketu leaving half of your birth chart void of any planet presence.

Kaal Sarp Dosh is often associated with tumultuous life events, health issues and instability of business, relationships and mental well being. The intensity of Kaal Sarp Dosh can sometimes increase or decrease depending on the positions of the planets and the build up of karma from past lives to present date. It is said that those born under Kaal Sarp Dosh are subjected to its effects for at least 47 years but there are ways to counteract and lessen the effects as life progresses.

There are 12 types of Kaal Sarp Dosh which can identify what areas of life are exactly affected and need to be addressed.

Kaal Sarp Dosh Type -- Area Of Life

Anant Kaal Sarp Dosh -- Married Life
Kulik Kaal Sarp Dosh -- Education and Health
Vasuki Kaal Sarp Dosh -- Rewards From Work and Sibling Relationships
Shankphal Kaal Sarp Dosh -- Childhood, Bad Habits, Filial Relationships
Padam Kaal Sarp Dosh -- Child Birth and Relationships
Mahapadam Kaal Sarp Dosh -- Professional Life and Finances
Takshak Kaal Sarp Dosh -- Married Life and Business Relationships
Karkotak Kaal Sarp Dosh -- Marriage, Relationships, Finances and Health
Shankhnaad Kaal Sarp Dosh -- Paternal Relationship
Ghatak Kaap Sarp Dosh -- Filial Relationships and Professional Life
Vishdhar Kaal Sarp Dosh -- Health and Sibling Relationships (specifically brother)
Shashnaag Kaal Sarp Dosh -- Health and Professional Life

It is very difficult to counteract the negative effects of Kaal Sarp Dosh on your life, relationships, and business but there is hope in how to reduce the effects and redirect negative energies. Call us and Book An Appointment today to explore the right remedies for you.