Marriage is an important step in an individual’s life and ensuring harmony and synergy between the union of two people will lead to happiness and stability. Horoscope matching or Kundli matching is very important when two people get married in Vedic Astrology. Guna Milan, Manglik Dosha and the strength of Navamsa Chart are the factors that are considered during marriage. It determines the energy flows between two people and whether that energy flows peacefully or discordant.

Guna Milan, or Guna Match, is based on where the Moon is in the Janam Kundli (Birth Chart) of the groom and the bride. “Ashtakoot Milan” signifies the eight aspects of Gunas (“Ashta” translates to “Eight” and “Koota” translates to “Aspects”), which is a process of Guna Milan in North India.

The eight Kootas or Aspects are:

Varna/Baran/Jaati: spiritual compatibility of the boy and girl
Vasya/Vashya: mutual attraction and the control in the marriage
Tara/Dina: birth star compatibility and destiny
Yoni: intimacy level
Graha Maitri/Rasyadipati: mental compatibility, affection, friendship
Gana: temper and behavior
Rashi or Bhakoot: emotional compatibility and love
Nadi: health and genes

Knowing the which combination of matches will be successful and how many matches or no matches there are will help build out a plan for a harmonious marriage and future. Call today to make an appointment for Compatibility Analysis for you and your partner.