By now if you’ve been reading the previous blogs you know that there are 12 houses that play a major role in Vedic astrology and numerology.

The sky is divided into 12 sections of 30 degrees which are the 12 zodiac signs or also known as the 12 Rashis. At birth, one of the 12 signs will be rising on the eastern horizon and when the exact degree of that sign intersects with the Lagna or Ascendant that whole sign is considered the first house. Lagna or Ascendant, is the first moment of contact between the soul and its new life on earth.

There is an inherent relationship between the energy of the signs, their correlation to the different houses, and the influence of the planets on the interconnected energies and relationships between houses, planets, and rashis. Book an appointment today to get an in depth reading and consultation and to learn more.

Each of the 12 houses have a name and matters it signifies.

House -- Name -- Matters Signified

1st -- Tanur Bhava (also Lagna or Ascendant) -- Self, physical constitution, soul, health
2nd -- Dhana Bhava -- Family, Wealth
3rd -- Bratri Bhava -- Younger siblings, courage
4th -- Matri Bhava or Sukha Bhava -- Mother, Inner Happiness
5th -- Putra Bhava -- Children
6th -- Shatru Bhava -- Enemies
7th -- Kalatra Bhava -- Wife, husband, marital bliss, relationships
8th -- Ayur Bhava or Mritya Bhava -- Longevity, troubles
9th -- Dharma Bhava -- Teacher, religion, fortune
10th -- Karma Bhava -- Work, achievements, honors
11th -- Labha Bhava -- Elder siblings
12th -- Vyaya Bhava -- Losses