Karaka means “one who causes”. Planets also have superior or inferior positions and some are Karakas (one who causes) of other planets.

There are 3 kinds of karakas:

1. Naisargika karakas - natural significators, 9 in number. Ruled by Brahma, they show all that exists in creation as ruled and created by Brahma. Including all the planets, humans, objects, things and matters and how they affect one another. Used for obtaining general results and answers during a reading.

Primary Naisargika Karakas:

House -- From Planet -- Matters Signified

1st -- Sun -- Self, physical constitution, soul, health
2nd -- Jupiter -- Family, Wealth
3rd -- Mars -- Younger siblings, courage
4th -- Moon -- Mother
5th -- Jupiter -- Children
6th -- Mars -- Enemies
7th -- Venus -- Wife, husband, marital bliss, relationships
8th -- Saturn -- Longevity, troubles
9th -- Jupiter -- Teacher, religion, fortune
10th -- Mercury -- Work, achievements, honors
11th -- Jupiter -- Elder siblings
12th -- Saturn -- Losses

2. Chara karakas - variable significators, 8 in number. Ruled by Vishnu, they show all people who play a role in your life and how they are connected to it. This includes the 7 planets and Rahu (not Ketu). Used for seeing who will play a role in your life, achievements and progress and also used to calculate your karma from past lives that have carried over till now.

3. Sthira karakas - fixed significators, 7 in number. Ruled by Shiva, they show only 7 planets because they have physical bodies while Rahu and Ketu are excluded because they are shadow planets. Shiva presides over destruction and so Sthira Karakas help determine destruction of body and those around us.

It is important to understand how to carefully analyze the karakas during a reading. There are questions and answers that must be interpreted correctly and used for a more proactive outlook towards life. The karakas are meant to give you insight on the influential factors in your life and the knowledge received during a reading must be absorbed and accepted in a proactive way. Book an appointment to get a better understanding of the karakas in your life and how to take a positive approach towards what's to come.