India has been home to many ancient sciences and one of them is Astrology. This science talks about planetary motions and also about the position of the planets with reference to place and time. Human beings are hugely affected by these planetary motions. Human beings are able to create their own unique characteristics and personalities on the basis of the planets' placement at the time of the birth.

Affecting the way we think, behave, act, react and respond, each and every planet influences us. Thus, the planet plays a vital role in framing our personality, but as the planets' position changes, the effect of the same is felt by us in our lives. The position of every planet can have negative or positive influences on us. Astrology helps us in making the optimal use of these positive effects while helping to avoid the negative impacts due to the planetary positions. Depending on our Natal Chart, these planets may have an impact on our lives that keeps on changing day by day as per change in the position of the planets. Horoscopes can be yearly or monthly, weekly or daily according to the planetary position effects while at the same time, our identities are determined on the basis of planetary placement at the birth time.

Since, Astrology is a science, it offers correct predictions most of the time and the same is dependent on several factors and their combinations. When a person is facing grave problems and is highly depressed, astrology offers him answers to his questions. Many times, even if the answers are not encouraging, knowing them helps the person to deal with them. It must be understood, that astrology is a science of prediction and at times it may not offer clear answers. As we go on in our lives, we understand the predictions in a better way as the things get clear in front of us. There are different theories about this science and some people believe in this science explicitly and some are just curious. Many times, people wish to understand the recurring patterns in their life and the reason behind the same and visiting an astrologer helps a lot. They find answers to many questions that are otherwise left unanswered. Just speaking to a person other than our family members or friends have a lot of impact on our psyche. We are able to look at our problems objectively and find solutions in a more systematic and objective manner. Astrology also offers remedial measures in case of anything negative going on in the life. Most of the time, these measures are simple and doing them offer a great sense of relief and peace. One becomes optimistic in life and face the challenges with renewed energy and vigor. Astrology offers answers to questions related to love life, profession, career, studies, marital compatibilities and many more. Knowing answers to the queries help in making life smoother and easier. Astrology consultations may have a lot of positive impact in the lives of people who have a firm belief in this science.