Sade sati is a 7½ year phase where the planet Saturn (Shani) transits through an individual’s zodiac sign right before the the moon sign at the time of birth.

As mentioned in the previous blog post “The 12 Zodiac Signs and Rashi”, the difference between Zodiac and Rashi is that your Zodiac sign is your sun sign, which is determined by where the sun was in transit during your birth. Your Rashi is your moon sign, which is determined by where the moon was in transit during your birth. Unlike the sun, the moon takes 28 days to go through the 12 zodiac signs so its location is present in a sign for only 54 hours which requires a deeper exploration to assign a moon sign to a person.

Sade sati is believed to bring challenges and difficulties on people going through the Sade sati phase. Stress, obstacles, and being in a rut are sometimes associated with this phase. However, these hurdles and challenges should be taken an a learning experience more than a stroke of bad luck. Think of it as a time to prove your merit in times of adversity. There are several ways to please Shani (Saturn).

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