Varshphal and Janam Kundli are both powerful indicators of your future journey calculated using your birth date, birth time and birth location.

Varshphal predicts your current year’s horoscope but the current year is defined by your current birthday to your next birthday. So for example, if your birth date is February 7, 1970, then your Varshphal for 2018 will be from February 7, 2018 to February 6, 2019.

Janam Kundli is usually prepared at birth where the time, location and date of birth is used to calculate your stars and help predict characteristics, personality, past, present and future and other life milestones for a person.

Many people never have a Janam Kundli made at birth which is why Varshphal proves valuable when trying to obtain guidance for your upcoming year. It takes into account the same birth details that a Janam Kundli does and provides predictive insight into important milestones, warnings, events and changes that will occur within your current (birth) year.

Whether you are about to enter a new birth year or are already past your birthday and in the middle of your current birth year you can book an appointment here to have Varshpal predictions made; in order to help gain insight into the coming positive and negative changes in your life with remedies for the obstacles and powerful enhancements for good fortune.