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Weekly Horoscope

September 19 - September 25


Be mindful of financial decisions and spending. It is a good time to start saving or increasing you current savings plan. Preparing now will provide security for the future.


Sometimes it is difficult to choose between going out or resting at home. Do what makes you happy and most at ease. As long as you listen to your instincts you will find yourself in positive situations.


Something unexpected might throw you off guard. You might be unsure of how to react and proceed with new changes. Be confident in your decisions and convictions and the right direction will reveal itself.


Spend time with your mother or a mother figure in your life. There might be some worries on her mind that you will be able to alleviate. You will be able to bring peace to someone who might be worried for nothing.


Your words hold great power over those around you. You have charisma and likeability which is one of your strengths. Business and work endeavors will prosper under your leadership.


Sometimes you might feel smarter than others around you. That doesn't mean there is nothing to learn from those who seem less skilled. Knowledge is everywhere and everyone has something to teach.


Spend time with elders in your family. There are some new stories to hear even if you think you've heard it all. Elders are not only a source of wisdom but rich in wonderful tales of history.


Do not neglect the ones close to you. It is easy to take loved ones for granted. Show appreciation and you will be showered with love in return.


Luck is always on your side. Even when you doubt yourself, never doubt your good fortune. You have blessings of prosperity, wealth, love and friendship.


Take a break from anything that has been taking up your time. Sometimes walking away from a project will allow you time to think and be creative. You will be rewarded with new ideas, solutions and innovations.


You might feel a lack of motivation and energy. Immerse yourself in nature and quiet surroundings to recharge. Meditation and walking in nature will renew your drive.


There are some good opportunities coming your way. You will get a chance to work towards a dream you have always had. Take advantage of the chances you receive to achieve your goals.